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Standing Orders

The Standing Orders are also available as a PDF version [191KB ]


The Standing Orders are the rules by which the Legislative Assembly operates.




This version of the Standing Orders incorporates the following amendment made since the Standing Orders were last amended on Decmeber 13, 2011:

Pursuant to Motion #265, adopted by the Assembly on October 30, 2012, Standing Order 14.2(2) and Standing Order 14.2(3) have been amended to allow an independent member in opposition to call bills or motions for debate under Opposition Private Members' Business.

An Addendum has been added to include the October 29, 2012 agreement among the House Leaders and the Independent Member regarding guidelines for the use of electronic devices in the Legislative Assembly Chamber.


Procedure in Unprovided for Cases

1.     In all cases not provided for in these Standing Orders or by Sessional or other orders, the practices and procedures of the House of Commons of Canada, as in force at the time, shall be followed, so far as they may apply to this Assembly.


Last Updated: 11/17/2012